convertible-top replace columbia scFinish Line Upholstery is fast becoming the leading supplier and service provider for convertible top replacement and repair in the Columbia metropolitan area. We focus and concentrate on three areas of importance:

  1. Quality materials in the top itself and in the materials used during installation are paramount to the end result of a good looking, well fitted top.
  2. Attitude toward our customers is important to us as we want to treat all of our customers like real people, respecting their time and building long lasting and trusting relationships.
  3. Price is important to everyone especially in today’s economy so we offer competitive pricing while delivering superior service.


Convertible Tops

Finish Line Upholstery is fast becoming the leading supplier and service provider for convertible top replacement and repair in the Columbia

metropolitan area. Our suppliers (for instance “Electron Tops) provide us with the best after market products in the industry which in turn saves our

customers a bundle over original manufacture tops and parts. Beware: We do not recommend using many of the lower cost internet tops, be carful as these could cost you more in the long run.

For all your convertible top needs – “WE GOT THE FIX!!!” New Top Replacement: (We can replace your old top with a brand new quality top and inspect the cables, pads, frame, linkages, seals, tension straps, etc and replace them if necessary.

Convertible Top Diagnostic & Repair: (We offer many repair options from simple top patches to diagnosing fuse, switch, top motor, or hydraulic

cylinder repair).

Glass Window Bond Repair: (We discovered years ago a technique which is now tried and proven to be the best in correcting the problem of the glass

window separating (delaminating) from the convertible top main body of material. The cost is so low in comparison to a new top you can’t get under


Vinyl Window Repair: (We can often remove the top and sew in a new vinyl window for less than the cost of a new top).

Vinyl Top Replacement: (We replace many of the old style car vinyl tops just call us with your make and model and see what we can do)

Convertible Top Products: (We offer several convertible top products to keep your top clean and protected from the damaging effects of Mother


Quill Mat: (Do you have a cat or neighborhood cat that loves to lay on top of your expensive cloth top? We have designed an exclusive custom made

mat designed to keep off cats!)

How To Determine When To Replace Your Top

The Top:
– Is the top fraying, cracking or brittle?
– Are there holes or excessively worn areas?
– Is the top stitching beginning to rot or become loose?
– Are the top side tension cables intact or are they rusted, broken or stretched?
– Has the top listing sleeves let loose? (evident by bow marks in the top moved beyond the bow itself).

The Frame:
– Does the top go up and down easily and without any undue friction?
– Are there any loose parts in the interconnecting sections of the frame?
– Are the hydraulic cylinders operating properly and not leaking fluid?
– Are the bow pads and or tension straps worn?
– Are any of the bows twisted or bent?

Rear Window:
– If a vinyl (plastic) window is it cracked, brittle or discolored?
– If a glass window has the material cloth/vinyl delaminated from the window glass?
– Has the rear window just obviously fallen out of its encasement?

Window Alignment and Weather Seals:
– Replacing just the top does not correct the items already mentioned
and has nothing to do with “Side Window Alignment” (where the side windows make contact with the top/seals when the doors are closed). In these situations we may refer you to a glass specialist for repairs and adjustments. Worn or torn” Weather Seals” can cause leaking around your windows and are not part of a normal top installation. Even if you had no leaks prior to your top install leaks can develop after a new top is installed because of reseating worn weather seals.